Godoy Cruz 1740 / Buenos Aires, Argentina


Vera 1350 / Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Sticotti workshop is where all the ideas come to life. The building includes a production area, a training workshop and a material supply room. A team of trained artisans and modern machinery ensure that every piece created has the highest quality standards.

About Us

Alejandro Sticotti / Nicolás Tovo

We work in every step of the process, from the initial design to the final production run. We take inspiration from different places. We admire the simplicity of Nordic design and the elegance and practicality of the Japanese. We are addicted to natural materials, clean spaces, and raw finishes. The one thing that binds all of the projects and designs together, is the use of wood in its varieties of: Lapacho, peteribi, cedar, paradise and brazilian pine. Present in all of creations, wood feeds warmth and quality into each of his pieces.